Do you have the resources you need TODAY so you will thrive TOMORROW?

Every non-profit engine requires adequate funds, talented people and demonstrated results in order to thrive. How can we help you fuel your resource engine?


We offer strategic planning and advising services to nonprofits, including fundraising capacity building, succession planning and board development, spanning all sectors. 

Individuals & Families

We help individuals and families meet their philanthropic goals, from initial steps in giving to managing established foundations.


We collaborate with foundations to offer capacity-building services and make a difference in communities, one at a time. 


We assist corporations in realizing the positive impact they can have on both their communities and their financial success. 

Kelly brings vast experience, intelligence, humor and tremendous acuity to her team facilitation and coaching. Having experienced rapid growth, we needed a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the way each of us ‘shows up’ and communicates both individually and in a group dynamic.

Kelly masterfully led us through revealing exercises that taught and tightened our team and continues to walk us through growth in an active consulting role. Because of her, Team Kid as we lovingly call ourselves, is more connected, empathetic, and skillfully prepared to grow together in an organizational culture that practices clear communication and values strength in diversity.

Any organization and leader has more clarity and impact after working with her.”

– Jennifer Friend


What Sets Us Apart?

At OptUp Consulting we redefine the consulting landscape with our unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Here’s what sets us apart.

A Singular Focus on Generosity

Our dedication is unmatched. We exclusively specialize in philanthropic consulting, allowing us to provide you with tailored, expert guidance in your mission to make a difference.

Cutting-edge Technology

We leverage the latest technology and data analytics to ensure your philanthropic initiatives are efficient, effective, and transparent.

Wide-ranging Expertise

Our team combines diverse skills and extensive experience across various fields, offering a unique blend of knowledge to address complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions.

End-to-End Support

From initial vision to effective implementation, we’re there every step of the way. We’re more than just consultants; we’re your partners in making a difference.

Join us in our passion to support philanthropy as a powerful force for change. Ensure the impact you deliver tomorrow with the investment you make today.