Individuals & Families

We assist individuals and families in achieving their philanthropic objectives, whether they are taking their first steps in giving or already have an established foundation. 

Strategic Planning

  • Mission and vision articulation and development
  • Operational excellence in systems and milestones
  • Risk mitigation to future-proof your plan

Board Advancement

  • Development and training
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation
  • Succession planning

Philanthropy Opportunity Evaluation

  • Design of application process
  • Establishment of evaluation criteria
  • Process leadership guidance

“I was facing a crossroads as to my “next.” Kelly’s coaching was like a beacon in a sea of confusion, helping me stay on track and focused on what really mattered to me. She was instrumental in helping me avoid what I now know would have been choices that would have taken me off course.

Her guidance helped me get clear about the direction of my business and map out a plan that’s given me more clarity than I’ve ever had and confidence in moving forward. For anyone experiencing their own crossroads, or who feels stuck, I cannot recommend Kelly enough to help you get unstuck and gain momentum.

Tania Brown
Financial Coach and Business Owner