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Why Working Genius?

A New Assessment by Patrick Lencioni. Why should I care?

Assessments are everywhere! And I am a long time fan and practitioner of Insights Discovery, which I continue to value and promote. So why did I add Working Genius to my coaching tool belt? Three reasons.

#1 – Working Genius is not a personality assessment. Personality assessments are great tools for individual self-awareness. I have benefited greatly from the insights I have gained from personality assessments, such as Insights Discovery. I highly recommend a personality assessment to you. It will help you understand how you best generate ideas, what energizes you and what makes you tired, how stress affects your behaviors, and how you make sense of information and process what’s going on in your world. Personality assessments are invaluable. And there is more you need to be successful and have fun at work. Working Genius is a tool for understanding how you like to work, naming both what frustrates you and where you thrive.

#2 – Working Genius is sticky. You can remember it. You can share it. You can easily apply it to your day to day work life. I have been asked to take many assessments from employers over the years. And they are deep, validated, psychologically robust resources. However they are so complex that they don’t translate to the everyday conversations and quick pace of work life. One of the strongest accolades I have for Working Genius is that you can remember it and apply it in everyday situations, in addition to it being so effective!

#3 – Working Genius has great resources. Patrick Lencioni hosts a great podcast that demonstrates how the tool working in everyday work life. He also wrote the book, Working Genius, to put the resource in your hands at an affordable price. As a leader you will have new and fresh material at your fingertips to keep the learning alive, address challenges on your team, and support learning and development for your employees.

Ready to give it a try? Shoot me an email and I will be happy to help you bring Working Genius to your team.