My Best Work Space

Maximize Your Energy

We all want to feel satisfied with our work at the end of the day. In reality, many of us feel tired and disappointed we didn’t get it all done. The wins and accomplishments don’t feel like much when we are wiped out. Many factors are involved in managing our energy, including the space in which we work. The new focus on virtual and hybrid work has brought into focus the importance of space to our well being.

Your Insights Discovery color preference gives you clued on how to best set up and manager your space. Here are a few tips:

Red: Organized and Neat. Create a space in which clutter doesn’t impede your ability to work quickly and get easily access what you need. Adopt the best tools that fuel your work. Avoid interruptions which get in the way of your productive flow.

Blue: Consistent Schedule. Create a space in which you can maintain a predictable routine that fuels your work rhythms. Guard your space and your time so you can prepare well and reflect thoroughly. Use Avoid interruptions that steal your time to reflect and sort your ideas.

Yellow: Fun and Open. Create a space in which you enjoy your gadgets, trophies, and photos from your latest trip. Be with people by maintaining an open door, participating in chat, and join the open Zoom office hours. Avoid doing the same thing at the same time alone.

Green: Personal and Practical. Create a space that reflects who you are as a person, what you value, and welcomes others in to be with you. Allow your creativity space to flourish as you encourage others to do the same. Avoid isolation and ambiguity in what is expected of you at work.

Optimize For Each Team Member

Because we value fairness we can make the mistake of assuming that everyone needs or wants the same space at work. But the reality is that we each have an environment that helps us be at our best. When we can name and design our best space then we can maximize our energy throughout the day and end strong. Being aware of others’ preferences also helps us to be valued colleagues as we help others succeed. In addition we accomplish more as a team when each person is energized to bring their very best every day.