Insights Full Circle (360) Coaching Package

Discovery Full Circle gives you 360° feedback, bringing personal feedback to life in an engaging and positive way. It inspires you to take instant action to improve relationships with key stakeholders.

First, you complete the Insights Discovery online questionnaire. Then, a feedback group of your peers, managers and/or customers are invited to complete a ten question assessment, with the option to add comments. Feedback can be named or anonymous. 

This positive and reinforcing framework enables you to explore strengths and development areas, and to consider the impact these might have on relationships. The wealth of feedback given by the group allows you to consider your personal impact and create an action plan for development. 

The Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile is accompanied by an Insights Learning Guide, which provides a wealth of hints, tips, ideas and exercises, to help you properly engage with the rich content it contains. It can be used in both one-to-one coaching and group workshops, which is ideal for teams looking to improve their productivity and communication.

  • Insights Discovery 360 Profile
  • Three 45-minute coaching sessions
  • OptUp Insights Video Collection