Board Consulting

Every leader wants to love the work of the organization you serve. As you dream about the conversations you’ll have and the impact you’ll make, you think, What’s not to love? But if there’s one thing college or seminary didn’t prepare you for, it’s this: your board. Some organizations call them elder boards, others call them a board of trustees, but regardless of their title, they’re all “here to help.” So why can working with your board feel like moving mountains? 

Maybe your board is filled with people who aren’t helping move the mission forward. Or maybe they don’t know how to help move the mission forward. So every meeting feels like time wasted on operational grunt work instead of time invested in stewarding the potential of your mission. You feel stuck, exhausted, and powerless. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Optimize the potential of your board.  Together we can identify the challenges and obstacles that are preventing growth and design a solution that supports boards that are both healthy and effective.