Leadership Effectiveness Group Coaching Cohort

Harvard Business Review highlights that successful leaders have excellent communication skills and are able to foster collaboration. These competencies not only enhance team performance but also open doors for higher-level responsibilities and promotions.

Leadership skills are essential for career advancement in today's dynamic professional environment. According to McKinsey, effective leadership drives innovation and aligns with organizational objectives, making it indispensable for career progression.

Gallup's research emphasizes that employees who lead effectively are more likely to be recognized for their contributions and considered for advancement opportunities. 

Considering these insights, this Leadership Effectiveness group coaching package is designed to enhance your leadership capabilities, making you more effective in your current role and better positioned for future career opportunities. 

By participating, you will:

  • Develop critical leadership skills tailored to your organizational context.
  • Improve your ability to inspire and manage teams, driving better performance.
  • Gain insights into effective decision-making and strategic thinking.

Invest in your future by becoming the leader your organization needs. Unlock more career opportunities and promotions through enhanced individual effectiveness.

6-Month Cohort includes:

  • Two virtual 60-minute sessions every month
  • Unlimited access to Kelly via email and/or text
  • Ranges from 8-12 leaders in each cohort

What Happens Next?

You'll be contacted directly with next steps.

Payment Details

  • Payments accepted are all major credit cards, Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • Email receipt will arrive from Kajabi

$6,000.00 USD