Red Energy Leadership

In my company the executives all lead with red.  Does red energy indicate leadership? How do I increase my red energy?

Red Energy and Leadership

Leadership is found all over the Insights wheel – every color is full of leadership potential! No, red energy does not “own” leadership. In other words, people who lead with red, blue, yellow and/or green can all be healthy and effective leaders.  

It is important to remember that color energies don’t reflect intellect, expertise or ability. We all develop the skills and capabilities to do our jobs and grow as leaders through training, time and practice. Competency is developed through mentors and experience, which is not reflected by color energies. Rather, our color energies reflect how we learn, the best way we process information and feedback, and what energizes us as we grow. 

Your Color Energies and Corporate Values

There could be several reasons the leaders in your company all lead with red energy. One is pure coincidence. Each person’s route to the executive leadership circle is unique. The roles and responsibilities each person fulfilled along the way prepared them for the leadership position they have today and it just so happens that they each lead with red energy. 

Another reason is that red energy is valued by the company’s culture. I have spent time with teams in organizations that reward the characteristics of people who lead with red energy – risk taking, action oriented, results driven. Whether it is intentionally fostered or passively accepted, people who lead with red were promoted because of the value placed on these “fiery” behaviors. 

Don’t Fake Red Energy – Dial Up Your Red Energy

If you find yourself in an organization that places favor on any one color over another, including red energy, there are a couple of ways you can respond. What is not helpful is trying to change your color energy preferences or pretend to be someone you are not. Rather, what is your unique way of “dialing up” a color energy? In this situation, how can you use more red energy as a way to demonstrate you also share the corporate values? 

The most healthy and effective leaders are ones who are self-aware. If you lead with green and need to dial up your red, I encourage you to reflect on what is authentic to you when using red energy.  What does it look like for you to prioritize tasks and completion over connection with team members? How do you focus on results and move through conflicts that reflect your deeply held values?  

We all have access to all four colors. The goal isn’t to change our preferences, but to be able to effectively and deftly use any color needed in order to be healthy and effective. If red isn’t easily accessible to you, then I encourage you to explore how you can dial up your red when needed and to lead with more of a sense of urgency than is natural to you.  

But your most healthy and effective leader persona isn’t found by faking a preference. Don’t try to “be red” if that is not your preference. Rather, get more comfortable using your red and effective and replenishing yourself quickly when using color energies not natural to you. You will stand out as a leader!