How to Handle Low Color Energy

One of my colleagues has blue as his lowest color energy. He uses this as an excuse not to do administrative work or tasks that don’t interest him. How do I respond to him?

Does Using Blue Energy Make You Tired?

The color energies below the midline in our profile are more difficult to access. Because they are low preferences for us, when we need to use the color energies below the midline tend to wear us out. In other words, the tasks and spaces that require us to dial up color energies below the midline can make us tired, frustrated or both.  

Please note that each of us have access to all four color energies. We need to use all four color energies as professionals, friends, and family members. The question here is what can I expect when using the color energy least accessible to me? 

We can be honest that aspects of our work that require us to dial up our least, in your example blue energy, are more challenging for us. We can and should help our colleagues appreciate what we need in order to be successful, which can include patience or specific assistance.  

3 Tips For Using Blue (Or Your Least Color Energy Preference)

Low color energy is not an excuse to avoid or cast off tasks and responsibilities we don’t enjoy. Rather, we have a professional responsibility to appreciate our own preferences and respond in one of more of the following ways:

Develop Capacity

Develop the capacity to use our least color energy preferences through coaching, practice and reflection. Maturity is not changing color energies, but rather the ability to use our least color energies in a way that we stay in “good day” or healthy behaviors. How do you authentically use blue energy (or your least color energy preference) that doesn’t include excuses?

Recruit What You Lack

Recruit people to come alongside us who bring the color energy preference we lack. In some cases this can be a real gift to a colleague who is looking for the opportunity to bring value by using their highest color energy preference to the task at hand. Instead of making an excuse or neglecting our responsibilities, how can we best create opportunities for people to partner with us in a way that is better for everyone?

Appreciate Leading With the Least

Respect people who lead with our least! Instead of viewing that low color energy preference as something that is exhausting or frustrating, challenge yourself to learn and appreciate how it brings value to the whole and is needed on healthy teams to do great work. What humility can you develop that creates space for others to come alongside and lift you up?

Respond With Help and Accountability, Not Excuses

How do you respond to your colleague? Don’t accept the excuse. Gently remind him that each one of us has access to all four color energies. We all have the ability to dial up our least and use it well.  Instead of letting him off the hook, ask how you can be part of his success and offer to help him increase his capacity to use his blue energy.