Mild Color Energy

My color energies above the midline are all fairly balanced. Three of the four are each within a few percentage points of one another in the 55-60% range. Does this make me a boring person? Do I lack personality?

Everyone Has Personality

What a great question! Thank you for bringing this up because other people will benefit from this affirmation. Color energies are preferences that describe our personality but they don’t define us. In fact, no one assessment is capable of addressing all aspects of our personality. We are each complex and beautiful beyond anything a report can fully capture. With that reassurance, I do believe that Insights Discovery is a powerful tool and very helpful helping us to appreciate and name our preferences. 

Mild Color Energy Preferences

Some of us have very strong color energy preferences. If you have strong preferences, then you will see high bars with percentage numbers in the 80-100% range. What a high bar graph indicates is that your preference for that color energy is very strong and that you will work to design your day to be able to use that color energy as much as possible. It is also true that you will likely work to minimize the use of your lowest color energies, especially ones that are very low. In other words, people with strong preferences both work to stay in their strong preferences AND work to avoid the color energies that are very low. 

Mild preferences does not mean you lack personality – not at all! Rather, it means that you have an easier time accessing the color energies that are each above the midline and all about the same in preference. Because your preference is more mild, you may tap into the color energies that are close to one another more fluidly and frequently.  

Are you Boxy?

A profile that shows each of the four color energy preferences in a similar preference will look “boxy” on the bar graph. In other words, color energies will be about the same height above or below the midline. While this certainly does not mean you are boring or lack personality, it can mean that you did not authentically answer the questions posed by the Insights Evaluator. In other words, you may have intentionally tried to balance your answers. 

Boxy profiles can indicate that we are trying to show up in a way that appears balanced, well rounded, able to do it all. If your approach to answering the questions in the Insights Evaluator included trying to intentionally choose answers from the different data sets, even if they don’t actually represent your true preference, then you may be in this situation. In other words, you picked words that describe you in one question that reflect red and then in the next question you intentionally picked the words that reflect green. And then in the next set of descriptors picked the blue! While these aren’t your true preferences, you hoped this would make you look mature and well adjusted. This is a misinterpretation, however, of the value of color energy preferences.    

The goal is not to have color energies that are all about the same in preference. Rather, the goal is to use the color energy preference to gain self-awareness and appreciation for when and how you show up at your best. The goal is NOT to have a boxy profile. The goal is to use each one of the four color energies authentically and positively when needed. 

Flexing Your Preferences

Some people have color energy preferences that are close to one another in preference and that is completely authentic! Color energies close together in preference don’t always indicate a manipulation of responses. If the Overview section of the profile (the first two pages) really describes you well and the substance of the entire profile is a helpful description, then celebrate that your preferences are authentically represented. Mild preferences do not indicate weakness or a lack of personality! Rather, mild preferences indicate that you are able to access each of those color energies and can flex between them as needed. So flex your color energy muscles and use your mild preferences to come alongside those with strong preferences to support, augment and appreciate how to best function as a team.